Bumblebeee Approach

We Build and grow impactful ideas

About Us

Bumblebeee is an idea studio spanning simple apps, digital products, physical goods and services.

Bumblebeee Approach

We love taking ideas from Zero to traction

We're building and exploring products centered around simplicity, convenience, and fun.Here's what we're building:

Sweet Pouches

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We constantly run experiments, prototype new ideas, and stay curious. Here’s some stuff we’re playing around with:
Project Management AppπŸ“, Saas App DashboardπŸ“ˆ, Home-sharing Marketplace🏠,
Follicl (appointment booking app) πŸ“…, Job BoardπŸ’Ό , Partii (RSVP web app)πŸ’Œ, Bosk Furniture (ecomm store)πŸ“¦, Football DAO (crypto)πŸͺ™.

Bumblebeee Approach

Our Approach

We live at the intersection of product, marketing, and growth. We run experiments, test ideas, and immerse ourselves in specific problem areas to understand them deeply.If experiments show promise, we double down and start building. Ultimately, we aim to create truly useful products.When we're not busy building and experimenting with our own stuff, we're helping creators and brands grow cool ideas.


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